[Game]Dingo the Dolphin

Underwater racing game where you control Dingo the Dolphin trying to race through the rings as fast as possible. Initial idea was to create a demake of the pseudo-3D stages in Ecco: Tides of Time.


Controls: Use D-Pad to swim, A button for boost and C button to pause or exit to main menu. The circle around you indicates how much boost you have left. It recharges each time you rise to the surface.

There are two game modes: time trial and endless runner. In endless runner you get a point for every ring you go through. There is a red vertical line that follows you and destroys rings as it passes them. You can miss three rings before the run ends.

POP file: Dingo.pop (153.2 KB)

Source code


Wonderful surprise!

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This is so great!! I love the Ecco games!

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The graphics look great!

I am still struggling with the name … a Dingo is a dog!


I had a suspicion it might sound weird to people on the other side of the planet. It’s named after the rooster we have (which is named after a rock band). And I like how I was able to use the same shape for letters D, N and G in the title.


Everyone in Finland knows Dingo is a rock band.

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reminds me of


Added POP file to the first post and itch page.