[Game]Columns&Coffins Roguelike

Pokitto Community team entry to the CGA jam competition. Downloadable on itch.io


BINARY: flash this on device or put the bin on the root of the SD card and use loader
coffins.bin (81.1 KB)

MUSIC: make a folder called “coffins” on the SD card, and put this into it


Source code on mbed community page:



FYI, using the provided .Bin and the game works. But if i get the sourcecode on mbed and compile that to a bin it doesnt work.

i see, well its using one of the early versions of the library and we actually coded it without having the hardware.
its very unfinished.

The bin works on hardware, therefore it was succesfully compiled for the hardware. The fact that it was made on the sim is not the source of the problem. I think the issue is that the source code is maybe not the latest version of the project.

yea idk all the code i had on it is here

This criminally forgotten project has been rebooted.

I have added working bin and music in the thread top


You said!
How it happens the development stop? Too rush to finish in the timeline?