[Game]Armadillo (WIP)

(out-of-date) browser-based preview build here.

Armadillo is an ode to my favorite space exploration game, Armada, from the Sega Dreamcast. It strives to be as faithful as possible to the original’s gameplay while having its own story.

Currently, all the rendering and basic systems are ready. All that is left to do is content: there’s a lot of space to explore and it wouldn’t be any fun if it was all empty. Once the missions are done you’ll be able to defend humanity from hoards of enemies throughout the galaxy!

To activate the booster and go faster, double-press in any direction. Without the booster you will probably end up dead rather quickly, but be careful: the booster consumes the same energy you need to shoot!

Other than browsers, Armadillo will be released on PC, Pokitto, and Nintendo 3DS (possibly more systems later, so long as they support C++17).

  • Code and Character art: Me
  • Logo, Space and Planet art: @Vampirics
  • Ships: Kenney’s Space Pack

Since I’ve already been slowly working on this for months, it is not an entry in the Demakes Jam.


If you want to have a sneak preview of the mission content being produced, check out the Girls of Armadillo 3D wallpaper, below. If the depth effect looks inverted for you, look at the next column instead.

NSFW warning: one of the girls is wearing nothing but headphones