[Game]Arcade Classics [v1.0]

Arcade Classics v1.0

This is a collection of classic arcade games, featuring Pong, Breakout, Snake, and Stacker. It’s meant to be a way to play these awesome classics on the Pokitto.

Current Downloads
Simulator: NOT MADE YET (download source in Other Downloads for now)
Pokitto Binary:
arcade.bin (46.5 KB)

Other Downloads

Simulator Source: https://github.com/epicdude312/Arcade-Classics
Pokitto Binary: Arcade.bin (255.6 KB)

Mbed Source: https://os.mbed.com/teams/Pokitto-Community-Team/code/Arcade/

[details=How to Play]Pong: Move your paddle and hit the ball. If the ball passes your paddle, the CPU gains a point, and if the ball passes the CPU’s paddle, you get a point. Try to get as many points as you can!
Breakout: Move your paddle to bounce the ball. If you hit a brick, you break it and get points. As you rack up points, the ball will go faster, and if you miss the ball, you lose a life! Also, yellow and red bricks take 2 hits to destroy.
Snake: The snake moves automatically and you have to turn it. Try to eat pink squares to gain more points! If you hit yourself or the wall, you lose!
Stacker: Stack a tower of bricks! Gravity affects these bricks, so you have to time your stacking carefully. The bricks move faster the higher you go. If you don’t have any bricks on the tower when you stack, you lose!

L/R: Scroll through games
A: Enter game
B: Options
U/D: Move your paddle
C: Return to menu
L/R: Move your paddle
C: Return to menu
U/D/L/R: Turn snake
C: Return to menu
A: Stack
C: Return to menu [/details]



Trailer not made yet! Come back soon!


Coding and art: @epicdude312
Pong & Breakout: Atari
Snake: Nokia
Stacker: LAI Games
Inspiration: @adekto’s mockups for an arcade bundle
DISCLAIMER: Pong, Breakout, Snake, and Stacker are copyrighted. I do not intend to violate any copyrights with these games; they are simply ports of them for the Pokitto. All of these games are fairly old, as well – they’re often used as programming excercises.


Just for education purpose I’m also working on a classic: TicTacToe

Features 2 to 4 players with AI, custom grid size an win condition. Very raw and WIP:


That’s looking great! I haven’t really seen 4 player TTT before…I’ll have to figure out a strategy for it :stuck_out_tongue:

And also a little status update on Breakout: I’ve got the tiles rendering from arrays! However, I’m trying to add ball collision. I accidentally tried to get array[-1] (if array is an array), and ended up crashing the game :stuck_out_tongue: (yes, I overuse that emoji :stuck_out_tongue: )

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I’ve decided not to do Tetris. It’s too complex for my miniscule knowledge of C++…
So, I guess I’ll do Columns instead…

Yet another update: I don’t think Columns would work well, due to how the collection works. I’ll just do 4 games. Working on the menu right now :slight_smile:

Progress update: the game’s been released! Feel free to try it out and let me know what you think. I’ll eventually release the code :slight_smile:

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I will try it when I get back to my PC.

I’m tempted to throw together a tetris game…
Just need to find some time :frowning:

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It is a must :slight_smile: One just cannot release a pocket gaming console without Tetris!

Feel free to add it to the GitHub repository when you’re done! I’m currently uploading the files to GH…

Great work @epicdude312 ! The games have nice retro feeling :slight_smile: The graphics style fits well to this type of games. When the HW comes, it is better to evaluate the size of the graphics and the speed of objects on real Pokitto. A high score list (with only 3 letters :smiley: ) would be a nice addition.

Also maybe some indication that you can switch games with arrows.

Made a start, not sure how well it will match the rest of the set but no doubt it won’t be the last Tetris game anyone makes for Pokitto.
I’m basing the code on my arduboy version…


nitpicking here but can you set the font background color to dark grey
game.display.bgcolor = 2;
you may need to draw a giant rectangle for the black backgrounds

OK, I started…

Not pretty (yet) but the logic is working.

… continued here


Going to try to get @epicdude312 Arcade Classics on the hardware this weekend.

Lots of games coming up soon. Stuff you haven’t even seen/played. BBB, Maruino, B-Rally, Asteroids, Armageddon …


Hey @epicdude312, worked first try on the hardware! Nice minigames!


I see you already changed the picture into a gif @epicdude312

this is why I think this solution (automatic /games/ page) is awesome. You can all edit your entries without any need for extra authorization/log-in


Hi @epicdude312 !

I added this great game on the Pokitto mbed community page & added a binary - hope you do not mind.

You can take control of the page on community site later, when you get your hardware!

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I don’t mind at all! I’m actually going to try to get music working in the simulator tomorrow if it’s not working on HW. If it is working on hardware, then I won’t really need it to work in the simulator, because the hardware is priority :slight_smile:

Also, thanks for making the binary for me so I don’t have to wait for PokittoSim and PokittoLib to merge :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I edited the OP to make a new “Current Downloads” section with the upcoming simulator EXE and the BIN, as well as an “Other Downloads” section which will contain the current downloads, source code, and previous versions. Thanks again for making the binary :smiley:

EDIT #2: I also just made an mbed account in preparation for when my Pokitto arrives. I sent a join request to the community team :wink:


Sound is working now

  • updated PokittoLib
  • added #define PROJ_GBSOUND 1 to My_settings.h