Free Pokitto for FManga

What if we all donate few cents to @jonne so he can send a Pokitto to FManga user from arduboy forums?

We need a full fledged Sega VMU emulator in the Pokitto, and all his stuff can be unleashed the power that the Pokitto can provide.


Sorry, but i own 3 sega vmu and i really dont get much use out if them. Sure you could make homebrew for them but that can also be done on pokitto itself.

Its nice that something like this is possible from a technical point of view, but making the homebrew directly seems way more logical.

What is a sega vmu? I have a gap in my knowledge

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Well, the VMU is just an example, that guy also coded an avr simulator for the browser to run the arduboy games hex files directly:

It is a type of memory card of the Sega Dreamcast that has a screen and buttons, like a little gameboy. There are several games for the platform:

The thing is that in the pokitto you could actually run them all (the VMU had like 100 KB of flash), so you can only run really small games in the emulator for Arduboy (I think the guy ported the thing in 2 days). But as I said, this is just an example :stuck_out_tongue:

It was a nice idea for a memory card, to have a display that acts as a extra info when inserted into a dreamcast controller.

But they added controls for mini games and that did not work out as planned.
problem is, there is very little memory to work with for actual games. And the lithium battery is drained very quickly.

I still have mine with my PSO character on it.

Are you proposing a kickstarter or similar to facilitate this?

Haha maybe. I mean, that guy doesn’t even had an Arduboy and made the emulator. I think the pokitto need these kind of passionate behaviour more than the Arduboy.

Anyone interested? We just need like 10 x 5 bucks donations or so. I do not know the retail price of the Pokitto


OH! Didn’t think about putting the VMU emulator on the Pokitto! :smiley: