Free GFX tools list

Tiled (map editor)

Tile Studio (sprite+map editor)
Grafx2 (paint app)
I.Mage (paint app)

Please post here another free GFX tools…


I use Gimp often, but it needs some time to get familiar with.


old paid japanese program but now free

paint with layers: (

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I love

Straightforward to use, free and powerful enough for simple games

I found these two tools by AdamStrange on itch earlier today. What’s great about FontMap is the save format is already parsable binary, and he gives a map out on the page so you can easily read the data from SD card.

I haven’t used them in any projects yet, but I have the next 4 days off from work so I’m sure I’ll be trying them out. :smile:


Pro Motion NG is a powerful tool for pixel art and there’s a free version:

D-Pixel has an unconventional interface but it seems quite powerful. It’s free as well:

mtPaint is pretty ancient and not as fully featured but it runs well on any computer of the past 20 years and is available for Windows and Linux. Free too!


@Exocet - Are you Exocet from Atari pixelart scene? I am Atari 800XE fan.Also have STE…

Yes, I am! Are you active in the demoscene too?

I do pixel art and pokey music on XE/XL…Do you have XE???Maybe we can do something on Pokitto too :).Some gfx compo…

No I don’t have a XE. Only STE, Jaguar and Lynx :grin:

I’ll be happy to do some graphics for the Pokitto as it seems to be a cool little machine, I just need to get my hands on one at some point… and find some time for it!