drawPixelRaw in Mode1 (220x176x2bits) drawing outside screenbuffer

Latest version of display routines (drawPixelRaw) seems to draw outside the screenbuffer in some instances (@FManga)

I tracked down this pretty odd bug using a hardware debugger when I saw odd behaviour in the Tracker software (see below)

By adding a memory write breakpoint, I found it was drawPixelRaw writing to memory outside the actual screenbuffer.

I am not pressing any buttons in the video below. That is the drawPixelRaw writing on top of the memory of instrument[15].wave

Can you send me a bin? How do I reproduce this bug?
Does this have the bug?
firmware.bin (91.2 KB)
If not, I’ll send a PR.

bump :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeeeeeesssss… later today

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I’m bumping this because I noticed it on the todo list.
Is this still a problem?

I’d guess it is. IIRC I found what could be the cause of the bug in bufferChar (not drawPixelRaw), but since I was never able to replicate the issue, I couldn’t be sure.