Do we need a FAQ?

There could be FAQ for those small things you do not want to make a tutorial for. There could be several FAQs for progamming, HW related etc.
Yes, we have forums and a search capability but maybe it is easier to read the FAQ to find a correct solution.

What do you think?


What sort of ‘small things’ exactly?

Here is an example:

Q: How can I speed up the coding-testing cycle?

A: Add to the My_settings.h file:


That disables the startup screen and removes the launcher start query delay.


Love this! Thanks for share!

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In that case I think we could do an FAQ,
but I think we’d need to gather some ideas first,
until we have enough to actually fill an FAQ.

Maybe more than FAQ it could be TIPS & Tricks? A collection of suggestions to newcomers.

Yes, the point is that each time you learn something that could be useful for the rest of us, there should be a place where you could quickly put it. Preferably, at least somewhat structured place, so it can be easily found by others.


I have just completed the new volume control thingy. Next step is a new game disk release. But, after that I intend also to focus on documentation & stuff.

As far I am concerned, a FAQ must be done because we’re going to be doing the collaboration thingy with the big school.

If you all start making a contents/topics and we write it here, I promise to format it into actual pages on the site / downloadable PDF