[Demo]Pokitto HTTP webserver - no additional hardware


Yep. It’s your Pokitto. Serving pages over HTTP.


pppdemo.bin (64.4 KB)

Background (PPP Blinky project on mbed)


how to setup and use PPP networking over serial



PPPDemo target has been uploaded on PokittoLib repository

Extensible Loader

Over USB serial I presume?


Yes. It is PPP, Point-To-Point Protocol over Ethernet



Internet multiplayer.

Edit: on just a USB cable.


Oh this is just brilliant!

also, WebSockets !


How much would it cost to integrate it into a game?


Ppp-blinky requires 8 kB


It’s seriously so cool you’re doing these non-gaming demos, I suddenly start thinking about all the ways in which this could be used – not only games, but it could replace even my Raspberry Pi in some use cases :smiley: I think this must be extremely eye-opening for the complete beginners as well. Really nice job.