Dear community! We are making parts!

Dear community!

We are making massive progress. Today we got first plastic parts. For anyone who doesn’t know how long it takes to create plastic parts, let me tell you that 6-8 weeks is absolute, absolute minimum to get molds done. Usually making a new part is a 3-6 month process at least.

And here we are, day 10 of Kickstarter, churning out ABS like there’s no tomorrow! This is the REAL advantage of producing locally.


Hey! Awesome video thanks just one thing: is that speed normal? It looks kinda slow (I have no experience besides discovery channel videos about manufacturing)

That’s maybe why made in china is so cheap :smiley:

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No the speed is not “normal”. This is because the operator is testing different feed speeds and injection pressures and injection shot sizes. In normal operation, the machine runs a lot faster. They had literally just started when I stepped in the door. You can still see that the first button parts are “partially filled” because the shot size is not yet calibrated.

EDIT: these guys made the mold cheaper than in China, Italy, Poland and USA. Plus no shipping and customs.


And I hope that somewhere on the back it’s marked “Proudly made in Finland”!