Creating new fonts for Pokitto - part 1 - drawing fonts

#1 Download and install Mikroelektronika GLCD Font Creator

#2 Download and unpack Pokitto fonts

#3 Open up a .lcd font file and start learning

Tomorrow we shall look at how these are output to .c files so you can use them in the Pokitto Simulator!


Awesome. I will try to port my fonts over the weekend.

If you want to include them in Pokitto, I am also happy to port some 80s computer fonts.

And if anyone has any font requests I am happy to design some. Recently I am on a bit of pixel font rush.


Ofcourse we will distribute your cool fonts with the Pokitto library!

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Great, I have started on porting the fonts.

Anyway, it seems that GLCD Font Creator has problems with saving on modern windows. If you are planning on using it on Win7 and up make sure to run it in WinXP compatibility mode. It will work a little slower, but this is the only way to save your work.

Again, if someone has any requests for a themed fonts, I am happy to make some.

if you got anything adventure themed (indiana jones as an example) i could really use that for my platformer

Sure thing @adekto . I just need to know roughly how big the font has to be. Are you planning on using it for things like dialogue (long text) etc, or just things like level titles, stats etc?

both, so sorry im already asking more then 1 font XD
for me the title text is more important atm

Alright, I figured out how to send PMs, so I sent you one :wink:

I got monoliko ported to the .lcd format and I am waiting on the next tutorial to find out how to make it usable by Pokitto.

Also, a quick question, does the GLCD Font Creator (and Pokitto) support varied width fonts? If so, how would I incorporate that in the Font Creator?

hello , a small font 5*7

can download it here

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Hey @Anata. I am not 100% sure, but I believe you need to include spacing in your font. All the fonts that were included in the zip from jonne had spacing included.

So your font would need at least a pixel of empty space to the side (right?) and at the bottom. Otherwise the letters might just stick together on the screen.

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Hey @VonBednar

I just tested my police, and everything seems to be fine.

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Oh, my bad :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to learn about the symulator to test my fonts… and now I need to delete the extra empty pixels from my font.

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I’d really like to get this font to import correctly with this tool. However you can only import system fonts 8px wide. This font looks 6px wide and gets distorted when it imports. It imports fine at 12 pixels but there doesn’t seem to be any scale option within the program. Anyone know any workarounds or alternatives? I’d really like to take advantage of the special characters this font uses and don’t want to have to re-draw it in the font creator.

(sorry of the 6 month bump)


I’ve had to draw/fix all fonts by hand. I couldnt get the font importer in GLCD to work properly.

…it really is a shame that something which ought to be so simple, can quickly become a complicated Google-hole!

You could try this (uses the FreeType library):

Though I am unsure how the ‘uGUI’ font array format differs from the ‘GLCD’ font format, but the source could likely be adapted if necessary?

There is also some Javascript source here that could be a starting point:

I usually solve things with brute force, i.e. custom C++ code / Python script :grin:

But, that said:

I imported the fonts that are now in the library to Mikroelektronika GLCD font creator, tried to get the import as clean as possible by adjusting the import size, and then fixed by hand.

and in total honesty: it took me about 30-45 min max per font, during which time I also fine-tuned some of the character set to fit Pokitto use better

We can lament the missing “perfect tool” but in the same time I did my “google-hole” search-download font tool- test-convert rounds, I would have done the Pokitto fontset several times over in the GLCD font tool.

My advice for someone thinking about doing a font: download the tool and just do it. It takes way less effort than you think.


I only now clicked the link to see what you were talking about.

A simple font like that, with excellent pixel grid reference? 30 min job max from scratch in GLCD font creator. Just do it.

Yeahhh, I think I spent more time looking for a solution then it would’ve taken me to just draw it out. It really won’t even take too much time the more I think about it. Maybe after this project I’ll look into making our sacred TTFtoPOK tool :stuck_out_tongue: