Crabator High Score

I’m just having so much fun with crabator! Anyone beat my score?


I will try to beat it and post a screenshot too. I have some forced quiet time for a couple days.


Awesome! I’ll try to improve my score though :smiley: so itll have to be a good one :wink:

Is it just me or saving doesn’t work on that game on the pokitto? I tried to save and going to the highscore screen I see only zeros…

It has been a long time since I played this but I think I had the same problem. I think not every feature was ported from the gamebuino version.

Yeah that’s why I’ve been taking pictures :sweat_smile:

I’ll take a look at the Hscore thing.

I have a feeling I already solved it. Are you sure you are running the latest version?

I’m running from the new v10 loader and 100 games package.

Just tried the latest version on gamedisk v10 and saving doesn’t work for the scores…

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