[Completed]Maintennance going on

If you see talk.pokitto.com down today, do not be alarmed.

I am doing some housekeeping & updating the server. I need to take it down at times.


All maintennance done, now running v2.1.0.beta4 +79


Excellent, now that we’re all up to date, us moderators get to see the fancy new admin panel with the cool charts.

Looks like everything’s on the rise overall, lots of green, which means the forums are nice and busy.

Except it seems Discourse decided that they should also change the layout just like that meaning the top bar is now broken on mobile…grr… need to fix that (fixed)

A lesson to learn: if it works, do not mess with it. Discourse has changed much more than just security stuff. They’ve broken the layout and API also:


So p.avatar_template returns image source without https://talk.pokitto.com stub in the beginning, but t.image_url now returns the entire url, minus “https:” in the beginning. This was not the behaviour before.

sloppy sloppy sloppy. I wonder how no-one else has noticed this problem. I guess my php-pull-data from discourse threads is not all that common usage.

EDIT: means I have to fix every single script used

EDIT: fixed now. I hate arbitrary changes like that.

Complain to them. They have a Discourse forum about Discourse where you can ask questions and complain.

Though I’ll say your mileage may vary.
Last time I visited I found co-founder Jeff Atwood to be very unhelpful.
(Thankfully one of the other members was helpful and I managed to get most of what I wanted to know despite Jeff’s sabotage.)