Can anyone tell me what this part is for?

Hello guys and girls,

Just out of curiosity I opened my Pokitto to check things out and then I realized this:

Can someone tell me what this part Is for?

Thanks in advance.




It appears to be a “Low Dropout Regulator”, but I have no clue what that means.
I believe the upper value is the part id and the lower value is the date stamp (‘Q’ usually means ‘quarter’).

It looks like it’s eaither broken off or the soldering machine didn’t put it on correctly, but it’s hard to tell.

Summoning @jonne.

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For me it looks like it was misplaced by the machine, the one leg doesn’t even have solder on it :frowning: so I am a bit afraid that my new pokitto will die a premature death (only 1 day old :frowning:)


I think it might be fixable, but it would require some soldering, which is a skill not everyone has,
and this probably wouldn’t be the best thing to learn on.

Normally I’d suggest that if you knew someone who was good at soldering,
then maybe you could ask them to have a go at it,
but I don’t know if that would void your warranty or not.

We will have to wait to see what @jonne says about the issue.

(For the record: I may be a moderator but I’m not actually employed by Pokitto Oy,
so I can’t make decisions about arranging replacement boards.)

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Ok… Thanks. Well I am not able to solder it and I have Noone to solder it for me. Let’s hope Jonne can help me out.

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I haven’t had time to look at the schematics yet.

If its the low dropout LDO, its the LDO for the real-time clock.

Most likely got knocked out of place before entering reflow oven

Edit: this is the first instance of this particular problem and naturally I am sending you a new board

Meanwhile, your Pokitto is otherwise fully operational, because the effect of the LDO is to supply power to the RTC when the device is in shutdown. Only thing you will notice is the RTC will lose time


Okay, thanks Jonne, if you need my address just message me.

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