Ball Fall Down (WIP)


I am doing graphics for “Rapid Roll” (Nokia) remake.
Here is how it looks like on old phone:

Any coder for this project?


This looks like a very doable small project. I think it could be a great starter project to learn code yourself with actually. I don’t think you need a dedicated coder, just some motivation! I’d love to see it on Pokitto.


That would be a good game for even a game programming example / Wiki article.


So going to learn how to coding ;).Maybe I am hidden talent…


looks simple enough could probably even run in highres mode.
are you sticking with portrait (turning the device 90°) or landscape?


In Hi-Res mode also Sprites are available. You get more colors and effortless dirty rect handling.


Here is Atari 8bit version (so how it will look like or even better on Pokitto).


have you done any programming on this?


Not yet.Just reading c & phyton books… Would you help me?


well its c++ not c really but some stuff translates
can recommend you the tutorials on here


I want to reiterate what @adekto said about C being different from C++.

A lot of people seem to think there’s a lot of overlap between C and C++.
There is overlap, but there’s also a lot of differences.

Some good resources for learning C++ itself are:


And of course this is an indispensible reference to the stdlib

And for issues about why C++ is designed the way it is or what the motivation is behind particular features, there’s isocpp itself: