Attention: C button fail was a desperate debug attempt I forgot to remove

Hello everyone

I am really sorry. I had problems with the C button, so I put a print function in the C button interrupt.

In the online IDE there are very few ways to debug. Thats why i used something like that.

This is the reason why you got all that “C button pressed” stuff.

Cleaned up libs coming very soon as well as the offline stuff.

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No harm done.

It’s better that it turned out to be an accidental bug than something serious.

Mine never said “C button pressed” or anything. I am wondering if there is some kind of hardware issue because for example to invoke the loader I can modify the code to use button A instead of C and something happens (screen says something about “no loader found” or similar). But pressing C never produces any effect.

I will try few more test in the afternoon. When I upload some compiled bins from the online mbed, Pokitto does not always “run” them even when they compiled and downloaded correctly (screen stays white, so trying stuff is really tedious)