[Announcement] PokittoProjectTemplate

I am setting up a project repository that allows you to have an easy starting point for PokittoSim/hardware joint development.

(meaning you can build your new projects without messing up the core Pokitto libraries)

This is work in progress, for the moment it builds the PokittoSIM target. I will soon add the EmBitz option for hardware building and then, if possible also a solution for other IDE’s (suggestions welcome)

Instructions are in the README.MD


Does this mean that there is a precompiled PokittoLib and you just compile your own code? How about if the resolution is changed, as that requires compiling PokittoLib?

No, you need to read the readme.md! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You might want to make it clear in the readme that you mean BSD 2-clause rather than BSD 3-clause.
That 3rd clause is important.