A question for those who 3D print

So I’ve had several prints fail, all the same, the prints are breaking free of the raft and getting pushed away by the hot end, the raft is still attached to the bed so it’s not that, but the model is breaking free of the support, I’ve tried two different filaments and it happened with both.
I suspect it is because the heat in the house making it dry is perhaps making the filament too dry and causing the layer where the model attaches to the raft brittle.
Does anyone know about something similar?

This is what I found this morning.

It shoved darth aside and just squirted out a load of filament


What a mess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: sorry I have no solutions for you as I do not own a printer. You might try Erwn in the Arduboy site as he prints a lot.

What brand and type of fillament are you using and what is the hot end temp, move speed, and layer height?

What model are you printing? Have it sense to reorient it in another way?
Maybe increase in infill percentage a little? To make the structure more attached to support?


Are you saying that the model has become detached from the table?

From that picture it is difficult to tell what may be the problem, and I do not understand your explanation.

I feel sorry for your printer misbehaving, but I have to say that image is hilarious.

Vader or maul? :P

Is it possible that the printer head is actually moving in such a way that it is actually pushing the model aside?
Perhaps it’s a software bug.

Do you have a decent video camera?
Filming the printer in action might give some clues as to what’s going on.

@eried has an account here too.
Presumably he doesn’t visit often because we don’t talk about 3D printing enough. :P

Yes, the model is coming loose from the raft, the raft remains on the bed.

I’ve printed this same Vader model with this same filament before several times it just started doing this a few days ago. My hot end should be at 195 I will check the settings, what should I change to make it adhere to the raft better?

For PLA I’ve found 205 seems to be a good sweet spot between durability, smoothness, and adherence to the raft. I’ve had problems with rafts at anything below 200 so it’s definitely worth a shot.

Depending on your setup you might be able to eliminate the raft all together though. My printer has a glass print bed and I’ve got some elmers glue sticks (the kind used in kids crafts) and applying some of that after the bed has heated up just before the nozzle is done heating really helps things stick to the bed so I don’t end up needing a raft anymore.

The result seems like a good metaphor about game making :laughing: it’s almost artistic

Good luck fixing that!

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I’ll try raising the temp it’s odd though it only started the other day. A friend suggested when leveling the bed level it a little tighter to the nozzle.

I’m worried it may be my printers brain.

Well, all seems to be ok, I raised the temp and slowed the head down as well as make the raft a little bigger just in case and got a pretty good chino Vader

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it is certainly (99.99%) not the printer’s brain :stuck_out_tongue: but if you record the first layer print with good detail and then middle of the print I can try to infere what is happening.

a) looks like too much extrusion/too hot
b) those blobs can be the printer stopping (are you printing from USB instead of SD card?) or humidity on the plastic (old PLA?)
c) normal extrusion when steps are lost (mechanical issue) or pieces detach