A little list of 8-bit retro computer-like devices

Here is a little list of devices which reminds me of the 8-bit computers of the childhood :slight_smile: , but made with modern technology. That kind of device can be an excellent choice for developing games and having fun!

The requirements for a device are that it should have a cover (not just a PCB), 8-bit architecture, lively community and the Basic interpreter :slight_smile:

NOTE: This is not meant to be a comprehensive feature list. I intend to have there only the features I find the most important for this list

That said, feel free to add new entries or suggest them in this forum thread!

Device Languages Price Community Open source link
Agon BBC Basic, C, Asm, Forth 150 $ ++ yes The Byte Attic™!: AGON™

Device Languages Price Community Open source link
Commander X16 X16 BASIC v2, Asm 349$ + 125$(cover) +++ not yet https://www.commanderx16.com/

Device Languages Price Community Open source link
MEGA65 BASIC 10/65, Asm €666.66 ++ yes https://mega65.org/

Device Languages Price Community Open source link
Spectrum Next NextBasic, C, Asm £300 + yes https://www.specnext.com/

Device Languages Price Community Open source link
ManuFerHi N-Go (Spectrum Next clone) NextBasic, C, Asm 247 € + yes N-GO basic. - ManuFerHi

Device Languages Price Community Open source link
Foenix F256K SuperBASIC 576$ + yes https://c256foenix.com/?v=f0aa03aaca95


  • The price do not include the postage and packaging costs
  • Community score: + , ++, +++

For that price I find Speccy very tempting. Only that I am more a CBM-guy :disappointed_relieved: And that Speccy is out of stock.

I really like the look of the various Foenix systems, the hardware, the software system and the chunky case and keyboard, but yeah the price does me in every time I consider it :frowning:
I am thankful, however, that I got in on the 2nd ZXNext KS (2 / 3yrs ago!) so at least I’ll have that at some point soon-ish! Doh!
That’s a great list btw, I’d never even seen the N-Go before. I almost prefer the look of that keyboard to the one that comes with the Next!


I would buy Spectrum Next if that would still be possible. The case design is awesome!
@Cartaymon How does the keyboard feel like?
Have you been involved in the Spectrum Next community (Discord/forum/FB)? It feels a lot quieter than e.g. with CX16 or MEGA65.

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I’m still waiting for my KS2 Next to arrive but I’ll let you know as soon as I get it :slight_smile:
Tbh, I’ve only skirted around the edges of the Next community. I didn’t want to get too involved until I knew my unit was on the way. I do know that the Facebook community pages are pretty active, as is the gaming scene. Not so sure about demoscene etc.

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It’s here! :open_mouth:
After three yrs of waiting :joy::+1:

In answer to Hanski’s question…the keyboard is ok.

The keys are slightly springy, what someone might describe as a bit “floaty”, and they feel great :+1:

The provided SD Card comes with demos and Next software and games etc.


That is an amazing device!