A day in the life

Now here is a game that would be cool to see on the pokitto

A day in the life (of sir Clive Sinclair)

1 minute is absurdly long for an intro.

The game looks pretty hilarious though.

“Land of Hope and Glory” is an interesting choice for an ending tune,
I was expecting the national anthem instead.

By far my favourite version of “Land of Hope and Glory” is the version from a game called Little King’s Story which is a really underappreciated game.

If anyone’s interested in playing it,
It’s another one of those really old games that they have available on archive.org:

Anyway, I think it would be possible to make something like this,
but it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to make it about Clive Sinclair.

Maybe someone could do “A Day in the Life of @jonne Valola”? :P


A day in my life? Sure, if you’re into vacuuming!