You're on your own for next 2 days (kind of)

Hello Pokittoers/Pokittoists

I’m going to be focusing next 2-3 days on:

  • helping Daniel get the first batch of US rewards out
  • doing some very important goodwill work to maintain a good relationship with companies that are helping Pokitto behind the scenes (and there is one big one in particular… starting with NX… :wink:
  • making sure everyone in the first batch is receiving and getting their Pokitto running

Everything needed to assemble, connect and program the Pokitto has actually been released:

There is a ready-made Hello World! starter project available, all you need to do is to create an mbed account:

It may not be the best resource at the moment but its all there and you should be able to write programs within 30 minutes if you take the time to watch the videos. I am fully expecting to see community-made bins within the next week.

Be proactive, help other community members. I am not going to be answering questions with my usual 5-10 minute delay within the next few days.