Your relationship with Javitto / Java on Pokitto!

Hi everyone!

Javitto is a (partial) port of Java for the Pokitto. Made by @FManga, it’s part of the languages available to the Pokitto and it’s great by itself. Javitto is what made me go seriously into Pokitto, and I think other people are in the same case !

However it’s getting a bit old right now - it’s missing TAS, LibAudio, and some of the latest improvement of the Pokitto Lib.

There is also the upcoming jam so it might be good to refresh a few things about it!

So here is a small poll to ask your opinion about it!
We all know @torbuntu is using it on a regular basis, but there gotta be more people using it or wanting to use it!

  • I use it and I’ll keep using it!
  • I’d use it more if some features were available (TAS, LibAudio, … please comment!)
  • Javi-what?
  • I don’t use it at all.
  • I used to, but I don’t anymore.

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This might help the maintainers of Javitto take the right decisions!

Edit: If you don’t use it, please explain why in a constructive way (e.g. telling you hate Java isn’t a constructive way, but explaining you’re having issue with how errors are reported is constructive!)


I really want to help port/extend, or however it works, Javitto to have some of these awesome features. I’ll devote more time to study in this area so I can hopefully make it happen. If for no other reason than to give myself more features to play with :smiley: