Your Pokitto - Show it to the World!


My pokitto finally got to meet (most) of the family. Sadly the second 2ds and the two pis were too busy for photos.


And just in time I have solved the PokittoSim coding problem for you too!

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I saw the Arduboy in the pile and then I suddenly realised I’ve seen you before.

There’s a big overlap between Pokitto and Arduboy users.


I found a deck of cards in a plastic case at a Value Village “second hand” store. It cost me about $1. The case holds my “amputated” Pokitto and a small USB cable nicely. The sides, being wider in the middle, makes room for the fold in the USB cable and allows clearance for the power switch.

The cards and case were made by Umbra and a few references can be found via a web search, such as:


I didn’t like that the display is exposed through the front of the case. I kept getting fingerprints on it and was afraid it might get scratched or broken, or the retaining clip would break. So, I made a cover out of 2mm thick clear acrylic. I machined shoulders on the edges so that the cover is recessed into the case opening and rests just slightly above the display. (I made some similar covers for a few more devices at the same time.)

The cover is held on using double sided tape. Because the machined surface is a bit rough, the edges look a bit blotchy but it’s not too bad.


To machine the acrylic, I made a feed table out of scrap wood to use with my Dremel rotary tool with a 115 carving bit, attached to the workstation accessory.


Great job.

I have a question about the press … I have seen these but have not bought one. They are only $54 AUD (about $48 CAD) which seemed almost too cheap to be good quality. What are your thoughts on the quality of the product?

I’ve created a new topic for this, so as not to go off topic in this one.


My Pokitto just got a lovely hat and a new friend.


So dapper ;D!


Been catching red snappers?

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:laughing:I have not. But nice reference!

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Nice cover more involved than mine I just cut a square out of a thin piece of plastic we use at the store to hold signs

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You actually can’t tell from the image but mine (the clear one) has a thin acrylic sheet (the kind used for artwork) taped over it. Worked really well and you can’t even see it very well.


Do you get any glare? I’m considering putting a sheet of this thin plastic I have for tracing stuff to make animation cells with because up close it’s transparent but it is slightly frosted to give a surface for a pencil to write on

I haven’t noticed any difference at all. Even did a side by side comparison with my wife’s unmodified one. What you can do to test it is only tape one or two edges to see how it looks. If you’re satisfied with it then you can tape the remaining edges.

The acrylic sheets I used are designed for inking only and so don’t have any frosted look even up close. Though I never really looked at them up close so I could be wrong.

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I will dig mine out tomorrow, they’re in an old folder with my 1980’s - mid 2000’s AD&D characters, Waldorf, Nang, Remus, I miss those guys.

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It’s been a long while coming, but last weekend I finally got my hand on the Pokitto and the magazine! So far I think it likes the Caribbean :slight_smile:

I shamelessly chose the see-through casing because it reminded me of my Game Boy Advance from back in the day (how time flies…).

I’ve been reading the magazine every night and I’m really impressed with the community. But the games… Are you all professionals working on this full time? I’m having loads of fun and there’s quite a bit of polish as well. I really shouldn’t be spending so much time playing, I got deadlines tomorrow and at the end of the week haha.

But hey, this is my Pokitto :smiley:


The clear cases definitely look great. I like seeing the internals. My next one I’ll try and do that style :wink:

Glad you’ve enjoyed the magazine! We’ve got the second issue in the works now! I’d you’d lile to contribute anything just let me know :smiley:


Seeing the internals always appealed to me, not sure why but it’s more pleasing to me.

And if anything comes up I will! Won’t lie, this community is pretty welcoming. And I’ve just stopped gaming so I can write my article once again :slight_smile: