Xmas Game Jam 2019

Hey guys,

Anybody interested in doing a xmas game jam?
What I mean is:

  1. You have from 1st December to 24 December to make a game.
  2. It can be a simple game, in any programming language, but it must be xmas themed, such as santa delivering gifts, gnomes putting presents together etc etc.
  3. Sound preferable but not required.

If anyone is interested, can we maybe make this an official compo? I’m not too worried about winning, but I like the idea of people making xmas themed games so @jonne can release a xmas gamepack as such :slight_smile:

What do you guys think?

If nobody’s interested, I’m going to make a xmas game anyway… so you might as well join me :slight_smile:


While I like the idea, people might be a bit busy during that time though. Maybe it’s just me though.

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Yeah that thought did cross my mind, but a few mins each day will amount to something to those that try :wink:
It doesn’t need to be a major extravaganza of a game, just a single screen little thing.