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My son has an ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02. When holding in the flash button and turning it on (reset doesn’t work with Chromebook), we can get the CRP_DISABLD drive to appear. I cannot do a save as and overwrite the firmware file. We have to delete the firmware.bin file, download the game file and drag it to the CRP_DISABLD drive. On my laptop, I can hit reset and see the game with it still plugged in. On the Chromebook if I hit reset I get a warning on the Chromebook about not unplugging it and then the Pokitto just shows a white screen. If it hit the eject button, then unplug from the Chromebook I still only get a white screen. But if I go back to my laptop I can get it working again. @adekto recommended trying what this says about mbed Has anyone had success with a Chromebook?

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How does it behave if you try?

If I click to save over firmware it warns me that the file already exists and I select OK to save over it. Then in the browser I get an error that says “firmware.bin Failed - Download error”.

I might be on to something. I’m reading about “developer mode” on chromebooks that is not so strict

To clarify, this save as download error happens with both the Chromebook and my laptop.

and your laptop OS is ?

Sorry, Windows 10

Ok so I use Windows 10 and you should definitely not get any errors there.

Are you sure:

  1. you’re downloading a .bin file (<256kb) and not the .zip file that contains many games?
  2. you do not have the Win10 anniversary edition with no updates (that problem was reported earlier here)
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Yes, I’m sure it was the .bin and not the .zip file. I can do a save from the laptop if I delete the firmware file first. it is Windows 10 Home. It is Version 10.0.15063 Build 15063. But that’s not really a big deal to me. It’s easy to delete the file first and then save it.

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Yes but something is not right. I have also win10 and I can “save as”. The behaviour is inconsistent and I suspect its coming from Windows

Ok so @josh: you can go around the problem at first by copying the binaries onto the Pokitto sd card and then loading them using the sd loader. That for sure will work. By default, if you use our example projects and the mbed ide to make your programs (we will get to that later) all the binaries that are produced are automatically compatible with the SD loader.

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This is a workaround for using the Chromebook right? Going back to my original post?

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Yep. You can write programs on the mbed ide, copy them to sd and use the loader to load them.

Edit: I’m looking for other ways at the moment

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