[WIP] Tygro

This is an entry for the Java of the Dead game jam.

It’s still a very early prototype and has some weird bugs. Occasionally, something spooky happens with the RAM and innocent, unsuspecting variables overflow and break stuff. WoooooOOooo… :jack_o_lantern: :ghost:

But it should be stable enough to play through.

Special thanks to my husband for making these awesome graphics! Also, thank you for doing “backseat programming” and suffering my grumpiness while trying to fix those bugs. :laughing:

The Story
After many, many centuries the Mighty TYGRO rises again to destroy the world.

Will you be able to stop him or is this world doomed to drown in a flood of summoned undead felines?

The Game

Pick your character (purely cosmetic), move around in the maze and kill all enemies to get to the next level.

There is an end boss and an ending.

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Game Jam Version

Tygro.bin (62.0 KB)

Source code


I got all the way to the end boss and then got crushed helplessly :joy: great game! I’ll have to attempt beating the mighty boss again.

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I like the slow pace of the game :grinning:


I normally crush the boss instantly :laughing:

What the. Wonder what I did wrong

Yup, instantly crushed the boss here too.
Had no crashes, looks good. Maybe could be a bit harder?


Maybe it was just luck several times :laughing:

I instantly crushed the boss the very first time, then couldn’t after, so I guess it’s random factor :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked the pace of the game too!

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Balancing was done on the last day, so the boss difficulty might be a little random (or buggy).

Thanks for the feedback. :smiley:



Very sympathetic characters (!), thought a tad small for my eyes. The game (or the genre in general) has a slow pace, which is very relaxing. The game is not very hard, I was able to go it through at second try, which makes it quite a short game, even if there are a lot of rooms.

There is not much info or the backstory in the game executable itself or in Itch, but in Pokitto Forum there is more info. I am not too familiar with the genre, so it was not immediately clear what the bars mean. I guess the red is health, and the white is the experience.

Special in this game:
You can select the hero, which is a very welcome option!


  • In-game instructions
  • Could I go back to previous level, if there is still something to pick up?
  • Could I drink the potion later (before the boss!)?
  • Could show the current xp-level somewhere
  • At least some sounds would be good

I want to see more adventures by these sympathetic heroes!