[WIP] SkyBerron Volumetric Light


Just an experiment with additive colors.

Happy New Year !


SkyBerron Volumetric Lights.bin (23.0 KB)


A very nice transparency effect in that demo! Are you using minlib?


Yes, Minlib rgb565 color space. I’m afraid it’s not very pleasing when spot misalignment is high. I have to find other scenes that work better with few transparency layers. Adding more transparency layers kills performance.


Looks great!


Still some distortion & flicker due to truncating circle radius and center coordinates to integer. Improved blending speed & reduced RAM footprint, so I added some more layers and more different colors :sweat_smile:. Currently: 8 layers of Additive Color Blending


SkyBerron Volumetric Lights.bin (23.0 KB)