[WIP] SkyBerron Infinite Bobs

First round against evil Infinite Bobs. Not a complete failure, but I’m not happy with the results. Anyway, I’m posting what I’ve just got, if only to be able to switch to another thing.

I may switch to 2bpp image buffers and reduce effective height with some banners at top and bottom screen.

FYI: Infinite Bobs (aka Unlimited Bobs) were featured in many old school demos and intros: Incoherent Nightmare by Arsenic

Also demaked (much better) in Pico-8 (click ‘code’ to see how it was done): Endless Brussels Sprouts



SkyBerron Infinite Bobs.bin (32.8 KB)


Ok, I upgraded to 2bpp buffers (4 color) and half horizontal resolution, similar to what C64 did with Multicolor Bitmap Mode. As a side effect, this mode is twice as fast to handle. The sprite used was drawn using Pico-8 editor to be as close to the original as possible.

The results are closer to the original, but the animation is not so smooth. Maybe a bug in the drawing secuence? maybe not enough image buffers? maybe too fast for the emulator to cope with the boosted framerate? :wink:

Anyway, the ball paths are nowhere close to the original ones. It should work like an oscilloscope in XY display mode :thinking:



SkyBerron Infinite Bobs.bin (31.9 KB)