[WIP] SkyBerron Colorize Picture

Nice “colorize” picture effect.

Picture: wonderful work of @pixelbath.

SkyBerron Colorize.bin.1

SkyBerron Colorize.bin.2

SkyBerron Colorize.bin (52 KB)


I love the gradients on the letters!


@pixelbath: thanks. I really like your artwork. Imho, this forum needs more artwork like yours. Keep the good work!

With respect to the text with colour gradient, I suppose everybody should know by now that one of my favourite old-school gfx effects is palette colour cycling.

When I started using Minlib, I didn’t have functions for text printing on screen and needed to show frame counter and some debug info. Shortly after, I developed some tile map functions for the minesweeper game and I thought I could convert strings to tile maps on the fly with nearly zero memory overhead. So I got my Pico 8 copy (highly recommended for programming games, learning LUA and fast code prototyping, btw) and made my first homemade and horrible 8x8 font:

The spritesheet took 8kb in flash and included just one b/w font, so I thought it could be interesting to add support for palette cycling to the spritesheet with zero overhead cost. So the spritesheet I’m currently using is this one:

Afterwards, I added text support that didn’t rely on spritesheets nor tilemaps. But as I usually duplicate the previous project folder whenever I start a new project, these old functions are still there and for some strange reason I prefer them over the more advanced text routines… because I like cycling colours :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Hey thanks!

I’m all about cycling palettes…great stuff!

I’m also a heavy Pico-8 user, but it’s probably the platform I’ve worked on the least if you consider “projects of my own I’ve worked on” (I’ve helped a few others with their token optimizations and other logic). I’m looking forward to playing around in C++ (probably the language I’m least fluent in).

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