[WIP][SBDL] Snake Remake

SkyBerron Snake.bin.1

SkyBerron Snake.bin.1

SkyBerron Snake.bin.2

Edit: optimized memory usage, fixed bug when tail is too long, optimized tilemap draw performance.

SkyBerron Snake v2.bin (99.0 KB)

Older version:

SkyBerron Snake.bin (98.9 KB)


Wow … it looks great!

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Good job!! Love it!

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Thanks, it was a fun coding exercise.

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That is a classic!

Just curious. When you make a game using your library, do you release it for several platforms in addition to Pokitto? Which ones?

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I soooooo want to see the code.

C’mon @SkyBerron please show us the code.


This game started in Pico 8 because I am teaching my son how to make games. Most of my games start as a Pico 8 prototype as it’s one of the best platforms for making small games and learning. Then, I port the code to C/C++ encapsulated in a class and export spritesheet and tilemap to C const arrays. I replace Pico 8 API calls with SBDL equivalents and make the LUA to C++ conversion, I wish I could make a tool to do the job. Currently SBDL has another front-end (SDL2) which I use during development in Code::Blocks. SBDL was meant to run on the many MCUs and displays I own. Also there was a PSP front-end planned and an emscripten one, but never got started. SBDL is still not ready for that, not sure if it ever will, the list of must do improvements is getting really huge.



What makes it in your opinion so good? Could we do something in Femto IDE or the Online Python Editor to make it closer to the Pico-8 env?

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I suggest you try it yourself… PICO-8 Education Edition for Web

Unfortunately I do not have time to try it.

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