[WIP][SBDL] SkyBerron Jetpac

First graphics test for a new game demake: Jetpac.

Using quickly composed assets and many simultaneous palette effects on so I can test performance. I still need some more testing with lots of enemies on screen but so far so good. :grin:

Btw, player sprite looks a bit small and will need reworking.

SkyBerron Jetpac.bin.1

SkyBerron Jetpac.bin.2

SkyBerron Jetpac.bin (108.9 KB)


Looks great. The player is huge compared to the rocket :slight_smile:

Hi, @filmote. Thank you.

It’s still WIP, you know :wink:. But I agree there are many issues with scaling.

I took the rocket and some items from the speccy version, everything else is hand drawn in Pico 8 the quick way, so I could have a first graphics test.

These are screenshots from speccy version:



As you can see, the rocket is small. Keep in mind the player has to carry each of the higher parts of the rocket to the place where it is assembled. It’s a DIY rocket, you know :wink:

I have decided to add the game logic with current assets and then decide what to do with the graphics.

Anyway, adding lots of particles, smoke and explossions will solve everything :wink: