[WIP][SBDL] SkyBerron Frog

My game Frog with a background tilemap and running on SBDL with minor changes.

SkyBerron Frog.bin.2

SkyBerron Frog.bin.1

SkyBerron Frog.bin (27.0 KB)


This looks great!

Just curious, what is SBDL?

My own custom low RAM, lightweight, multiplatform gfx lib for demodev and gamedev. I have wrapped up relevant Pine-2K API and Pico-8 API to allow porting and enhancing my existing minigames and giving up Pine-2K. I have also added SDL2 support to ease gamedev in CodeBlocks. In theory, as far I don’t get stuck fixing more annoying bugs, from now on I will be able to produce simple minigames faster.

Wow! That’s cool! Is it available for others to use as well?

It sounds much better than it really is at this moment. Much work has to be done till I’m happy with its interface and functionality. Time will tell.
Anyway, currently I’m not interested in working on open source projects. Maybe in the future.

Cool, thanks for the update :smiley: