[WIP][SBDL] SkyBerron Boulders

Starting a new game demake. Development goes pretty smooth so far…

Day 1

Made up sprites and took level 1 tilemap from speccy version.
Fixed lots of bugs in wrapper tilemap functions.

Day 2

The game logic is mostly missing but it looks good.

SkyBerron Boulders.bin.2

(old version)
SkyBerron Boulders.bin (26.1 KB)

Day 3

The boulder/gem falling down logic is very tricky. Even after watching some Youtube videos on the C64 original gameplay, I don't understand it. I implemented smooth boulder/gem fall down and boulder pushing but I'm not very happy with current rough side movement. There's just one level, but now you can complete it. There are no enemies.

Dev time assigned to making this minigame is running out. Jetpac awaits!

SkyBerron Boulders.bin.1

SkyBerron Boulders.bin.2

SkyBerron Boulders.bin (28.2 KB)


Boulder Dash is one of my favorites!

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What about your other VIC20, C64 favourites? I’m sorting out my priorities. :wink:
I need to gain exp coding some 8bit games before attempting more complex Amiga demakes.

Here is my list of best games (omitted more complex games like M.U.L.E)
Vic-20: Exterminator, Jetpac ( no Jetpack ), Choplifter.
C64: Rally Speedway, Forbidden forest, Bubble bobble


This game was among the first games I got for the ZX Spectrum 48k and it’s also in top 5 on my own list.
Jetpac will go next. :grin:

image (1)


Great news!

Bubble Bobble needs a Pokitto make for sure!


@Hanski: as I consider you are the expert for this game, I’d like to get your opinion and feedback. I have updated first post and attached latest bin. I also post here the Pico 8 file including spritesheet and tilemap for the first level. If you want to make changes (using Pico 8), please use empty space and don’t modify existing tiles positions in the spritesheet. Thanks :+1:

boulders002.p8 (13.7 KB)

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Sure, I am now in the summer cottage but I can test it in the tomorrow evening.

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Enjoy the summer cottage! I’m enjoying the beach instead :grin: Afterwards, if I’m not too tired, I’m starting the Jetpac demake.

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Hi, the game plays very well. An excellent conversion! What I remember it plays exactly the same as the C64 version.

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Glad to hear that! Thank you very much!
I wasn’t sure it was even close to the original as I haven’t played Boulder Dash for ages and, tbh, I have ever had a Commodore computer in my life.

I’m now working on the Jetpac demake. I think I will be able to post some screenshots soon. I couldn’t resist to implement some palette tricks, so development is going a bit slow.

I’ll add some levels and enemies to this game later. I think I can make boulder push and horizontal displacement smoother, so the gameplay feels better.

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