Small paint tool experiment. Main features:

  • Freehand B/W drawing and erasing with sizeable rounded brush.
  • Paint white areas using selected RGB solid color.

SkyBerron SBPaint.bin.1_speed

SkyBerron SBPaint.bin.2_speed

SkyBerron SBPaint.bin (208.5 KB)


This is really cool. I was trying to figure out what game/program to use to introduce my toddler to the Pokitto (and the world of video games) and this would be perfect.

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Two years ago, I was working on a paint program, a colouring book for kids for Pico 8, as I posted in this thread:


I never finished it, and my toddler has grown up. But never it’s too late to finish your unfinished projects.

I’m glad you like it. If you want different b/w pics, just send them and I will replace current ones as the binary is too large.

How hard would it be to load/save them from SD. So far I’ve used the fill tool to paint Mario, Pikachu, and Spongebob which are all favorites of my little one. Would be really cool to be able to drop new images on the SD for him to play with.