[WIP][SBDL] O'Riley's Mine Remake

SkyBerron ORileys Mine.bin.1

SkyBerron ORileys Mine.bin.1

SkyBerron ORileys Mine.bin.2

SkyBerron ORileys Mine.bin (90.8 KB)


Wow! I need to try this soon :smiley:

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That looks fantastic!

@SkyBerron … will you ever share the source code for your creations?


I don’t think that’s a good idea. Your source code is much much better and follows good practice guidelines. Anyway, thanks for your suggestion!

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I have never written a line filler or done much else with custom graphics and are keen to see how others do it.

I don’t know what a line filler is, and tbh, I don’t want to know. My render engine currently uses display lists and also allows direct access to raster buffer (one line buffer). You’d better ask @spinal or @fmanga for advice.

32900 points. Got caught by a monster at level 4 because no dynamite left :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A great game!


I’m glad you like it!

I was afraid using 8x8 graphics would be a problem. I made a first game prototype in Pico 8 to shorten development and debugging time. I realized that 8x8 graphics on 128x128 screen provided a very narrow view of the playfield. So I went for 8x8 graphics on 220x176 and keep it close to the original game look. Using 16x16 graphics would also mean a full redraw of the spritesheet. I haven’t played the original game yet, I’m not sure I have got enemy AI right.

Tip: enemies can go faster if they are in the same row or column as you, so try moving zig zag.


Ah, I think I can improve my score now :wink:

I have not played the original either.