[WIP][SBDL] Morphing

Morphing test

SkyBerron Morphing.bin.1 fast

SkyBerron Morphing.bin (198.1 KB)


@SkyBerron strikes again!

Hi @spinal!
I was thinking about porting to C/C++ your game World - With Snow! http://web.archive.org/web/20130627150109/http://www.playmycode.com/play/game/spinal/world-with-snow
But it seems the code and assets can’t be viewed any more. I’ll have a look for other games that can be ported and allow me to extend SBDL functionality without getting too fat.

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I probably have the code somewhere, I know I have the tileset still, I was going to reuse the level design for Joe2, once I get this stupid map converter working.

[edit] you got my hopes up that it was still playable though web.archive :frowning:

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I’m looking forward to your next game. I like classic platformers.

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