[WIP] Pokittris

OK, I’ve started a nice tetris™ game, although currently I’ve fallen intro the same trap I usually fall into. The game is at a good enough stage that testing is more fun than coding so progress has slowed quite a bit as I’m too busy playing it…

Also I don’t know if it’s a simulator issue, or my code, but the screen seems to be missing the bottom 2 rows of pixels…


I always thought Tetris would be funny if he score was not se but arbitrary, and completely random the score it gave. But then again any points game would be funny that way.

Is your Tetris only grayscale or are you going to implement sets of colors that we could choose in the game? (I am thinking of the “Downwell” palettes)


I also think that a selectable skin or palette would be a nice idea. Some people like the monochrome palette, some like more colorful palette.


Great job! This looks awesome!

I agree with @JuiceLizard that having color in the game would be awesome, honestly. However, if you want to just make it grayscale, I don’t have any beef with that :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to play this soon!


Oh, there’s colourful plans guys, don’t worry about that!


Oh, and also, here’s the ™ ASCII symbol: ™

Kinda nitpicking there, but oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

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Techincally ™ isn’t an ASCII symbol, it’s a unicode symbol, but points for going to the trouble of finding one.

(The proper ™ is way better than disourse’s weird :tm: thing.)

That already exists, it’s called Numberwang.
Here’s a clip of it on Youtube.


Nice I love when things make fun of score like the dumb ways to die. There are still those of us from the old days who are programmed to care about scores lol

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