[WIP] Pokitto Emulator


With our own plugin, yes.
Even with hardware the Cortex plugin isn’t as seamless as I’d like.

I might have another solution for this problem soonish, I hope. I just moved to Portugal so this week has been really crazy. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to coding soon. On the good side, I’m now on a similar timezone to you guys.


And… the packages I sent you :scream: ??

Edit : nevermind, its great news! Who cares it was just a couple of pokittos

Edit: we need to have a Pokitto meeting



Wait, you sent more? It’s alright, the address I gave you is my dad’s. He’ll tell me when they arrive. :slight_smile:
I got the first package, kept one Pokitto and made a friend earn her Christmas present (told her to make a game for it, she wrote a Pong clone… eh, good enough.)

Edit: A meetup would be awesome. PokittoCon!


I’m in!

Welcome in Europe!