[WIP] Pokitto Emulator


With our own plugin, yes.
Even with hardware the Cortex plugin isn’t as seamless as I’d like.

I might have another solution for this problem soonish, I hope. I just moved to Portugal so this week has been really crazy. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to coding soon. On the good side, I’m now on a similar timezone to you guys.


And… the packages I sent you :scream: ??

Edit : nevermind, its great news! Who cares it was just a couple of pokittos

Edit: we need to have a Pokitto meeting



Wait, you sent more? It’s alright, the address I gave you is my dad’s. He’ll tell me when they arrive. :slight_smile:
I got the first package, kept one Pokitto and made a friend earn her Christmas present (told her to make a game for it, she wrote a Pong clone… eh, good enough.)

Edit: A meetup would be awesome. PokittoCon!


I’m in!

Welcome in Europe!



Out of curiosity, how possible would an Android port of the pokitto emulator be? OR would it be considered too risky to emulate a handheld on a handheld when hardware sales might be effected?


Well technically @FManga pokitto emu can be run on a phone already I think. There’s just no virtual button. Lol


I guess it wouldn’t be hard. Would have to set up the Android SDK+NDK, make a project, maybe some minor changes, and add on-screen controls.
It probably wouldn’t affect hardware sales negatively.


No problem here for me


And xbox controls so I can use my GPD XD :slight_smile:


For those of you who don’t mind building the emulator from source, the version on github now supports joysticks, does not have the debug pixel in the corner, and should be more accurate speedwise.