[WIP][Pine-2K] SkyBerron Minidar

My 6th minigame for Pine-2K.

I can’t get the mini-pacman idea @filmote suggested out of my head :crazy_face:. I know code would not fit in 2Kb for sure but… what if it does fit just removing “non critical” features?

A proper test had to be done. I made an Amidar style maze data generator and implemented pacman style movement. This is what I finally got:





sb-minidar by SkyBerron.zip (154.2 KB)

In the process, I learned to split code in 2 separate scripts, one for maze data generation and the other for game play, using save(), exec() and file() to transfer data between them as @tuxinator2009 suggested. I also learned to use pointers for accessing data stored in arrays as “poorman’s structs”.

Not sure if I will try coding mini pacman 2K as there’s not much room left, and pacman needs some extra mechanics, animations and a much richer tilemap maze. After all, there are many other games that could fit better in 2K. :grin:


This is fantastic!