[WIP] PiCross



It seems at least one puzzle can be completed wrongly…


There’s a couple that can be solved I a different way. We had to choose to make it possible, or to make it impossible even if the player had it right… So we chose to just make it possible even though the image doesn’t match in a few cases


Here is a cut for you … still no sound yet!

PiCross_Pokitto.bin (136.5 KB)


Much better :slight_smile:

Had a very quick look at the sound, seems like it should work just fine. The title music seems to play OK other than the starting screech, but the in-game music just plays horrible.

PiCross2.raw, PiCross3.raw and PiCross4.raw, are the wrong format.

@filmote try these instead, just unzip them over the root of your sd card replacing the existing files. pc3.zip (4.2 MB)

Using these sounds fine on my Pokitto, the only remaining issue is the starting

Pokitto::Sound::playMusicStream("pc3.raw", 0);

which causes the brief noise before playing.


I found some more than can be solved multiple ways …

I wonder how many there are?


If we change the way it work by not checking with an image, but just checking the hints and display the dot where the hints are we could fix the problem. So when complete we’d see whatever our solution was instead of the solution we pre-made… But doing so would be a lot of work.


It would be relatively simple to write a program that can figure that out,
but calculating all the permutations would take a while,
and tackling it in a smarter way would be a slow route to a rough headache.

Not that much work, it would just require a function to map the data in the grid to the image format used by whichever screen mode you’re using.

The Pokitto’s ARM processor does have a Flash-RAM split (like the Arduboy),
but both are accessed from the same address space/address bus,
so you can draw images that were created in RAM at runtime without no extra hassle (beyond actually creating the image).


Another one!

This one can be a number of ways.