[Wip] Malice in Bomberland

I give up then, who was it? :P

i suggested Alice in Bomberland … Turns out, there is a game with that name

@Vampirics turned it into Malice in Bomberland, which, afaik, is new

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This is looking GREAT. I hope it has a mission mode of some sorts…

The graphics are looking great. I am not familiar with the game but will look forward to playing it!

You are not familiar with Bomberman ? :open_mouth:

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Nope …I live a sheltered life in a seminary.

I like the new approach!

What kind of gamer are you? That’s very suspicious!

Perhaps the game has a different name in Australia?


Edit: really crappy jokes today. I’ve been without my bike for two days and I feel like crap

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We could make it worst by saying BuggerMate… :laughing:.

Jokes asides, I am surprise as I thought that serie was really known.

Is that like a 'friend with benefits'?

(‘BuggerMate’ would literally mean ‘a friend one sodomises’.)

It’s not just the Aussies that use ‘bugger’ and ‘mate’ though,
they’re common in a lot of commonwealth varieties of English.
American English is actually the odd one out as far as ‘bugger’ goes.

I often use ‘bugger’ to express annoyance or exasperation.
Particularly at things like spilt coffee.

Presumably you were busy in the 90s and early 00s.

Yep … that’s the only use in Aus.

Bugger Mate are two words that should never be put together without at least a comma in between.


Bombs do not cause any real damage yet:


Seeing the explosion, I now think the explosion will need some kind of additional animation frames


Yes, and maybe thicker too.

Maybe a nice effect would be to delay the display of the explosion tiles, so starting by the middle, then the sides, and making it start disappear starting by the middle and then the sides too

Yes, if the explosion sprites are small enough. Now they are 16x16, so there are only 5 sprites visible total.

@Hanski I tried to updated all the frames for Alice, I took all the files you created that were on the repo and fixed them, but when trying to upload them it didn’t let me upload them all at once for some reasons.

So here’s a zip file that you can just extract in the characters folder
Alice.zip (43.6 KB)

I added the detail I sent earlier and fixed that white/yellow issue.

Great! It could be that you cannot update the repo directly, but you need to create a merge/pull request.


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