[WIP][Game] Tux in Pokittoland

Just putting this here as a place holder for now that it is on my radar. Been playing a lot of Super Tux lately:
Milestone 1
SuperTux 2

My brief initial idea is to demake a small number of truncated levels as a sort of homage to Super Tux the platformer.

Tentative plan:

  • 8 levels
  • Can choose either Penny or Tux, the “story” scene will just be a static image determined based on the choice of character.

please yes

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Be really cool to have a full demake, but that would require quite some extensive memory management. Even if the levels aren’t the ones from the original a “Tux in Pokittoland” is already a title that suggests it’s own levels in the Super Tux universe.

To that end you’d really just need some simple platforming (like in Milestone 1) with some custom levels.

Exactly :wink:

That was my thought as well. With the same no-backward screen movement so it will allow some potential tricks for memory maybe :thinking:

It would be super cool (teehhee) however I’d like to have it be special formulated for the Pokitto itself too. So less a demake and more a low spec one off :sweat_smile:

If levels are restricted vertically to a specific height then level data can be stored in vertical strips of tiles. That way strips can be loaded/unloaded as the player moves left/right. Enemies would be tracked for the entire level (and must be within X distance of Tux in order to actively move).

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With that setup I think it would be enought o even have a double screen height map. So the player can jump up a little bit anyway. And if we limit the enemy per view to like 5 or something then it would be pretty easy too I imagine?

Screen height if using 16x16 tiles (8x8 is too small for tux): 176 / 16 = 11
Two screens would be 22 tiles tall (very small amount to read from SD as needed).

Screen width if using 16x16 tiles: 220 / 16 = 13.75 so you’d only need to keep 15 tiles wide in memory.

Total tilemap size: 15 * 22 = 330 bytes and you’d simply shift the vertical strips over as the player moves and read new ones from SD.

Of course a custom line filler would be needed for a vertically oriented tilemap, but that’s fairly trivial.

I suppose this all excludes Javitto then😂

Oh, yeah Javitto doesn’t have TAS support (yet). Without TAS though the images would have to be scaled down really heavily (110x88x256bpp would be too small and 220x176x16bpp might not be enough colors).

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I tried cobbling TAS for Javitto a while ago and nuked my FemtoIDE install lol. So yeah not yet.

But TAS would indeed be excellent for this. Then we could use Tiled and all that good stuff to make this go super fast.

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With TAS for Javitto starting to work, I’m thinking it would be a sort of easy thing to use this as a first project to test everything. Since I don’t want to start porting moondrop dale until things are more stable :laughing: