[WIP][GAME] My 2nd Pokitto Project : "ENVAHISSEURS (INVADERS)"

Finally, it’s a brand new shmup :slight_smile:

Here is a teaser :


Looks great. I bet at the low res you are not having the same performance issues I am!

Which game is having performance issues at full res?

Galaxy Fighter! Although it is complete now.

Indeed. so far it’s running nicely.
Before I did a benchmark on the TAS HIRES and I noticed some slowdowns so I switched to the LORES 16 colour (to have more RAM).

Did you happen to have _OSCT=2 in the compiler settings when you did that benchmark?

No :slight_smile: you never told me about that in discord :slight_smile:

Yeah, I just assumed it was there by default, only to realise later that the project templates hadn’t all been updated yet.

Does that mean turning overclocking on by default?

For new projects, yes. I don’t want to add overclocking automatically to existing projects.

Does emulator handle overclocked settings properly? (i.e. running at the correct speed, timers, audio)

The emulator takes overclocking into consideration, but it’s not always the right speed regardless of overclocking or not.

Dangerous wave attack. better eliminate them at the source :slight_smile:


Oh, that’s better than Galaxy Fighter - the enemies shoot at you?


They are targeting the player and shoot in its direction :slight_smile:
They don’t turn their back to the player.


I’m getting really excited about this one! I love a good space shooter.

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and you haven’t seen it all yet! :grinning: