[WIP][Game] Etch's Journey (working title)


Etch is an aspiring programmer. Their uncle was a prominent software engineer that went missing a few years ago. Rumor was that he started adventuring into The Guilds, and befell some ominous fate relating to the Guild Masters.
There are 3 Guilds. Each one is governed by a specific school of “The Code”.

  • Rossumist School of Pythonistas
  • The University of Stroustrupism
  • The Javitto College of Goslingism
    – Non-final, WIP naming –

To further the mystery, Etch’s uncle had sent a gift right before his disappearance. A small box containing an electronic device ( :wink: ) unfortunately the source of the device’s power is unknown, so begins Etch’s journey!

Etch must learn to use the Device (name pending) to gain entry into one of the Guilds, and uncover the truth about what happened to their uncle, as well as gain skills in Programming and The Code.


Gameplay will feature a world for exploring. Similar to the types of wilderness and towns found in games like Pokemon.

The player must use The Device to interact with the world. Using the Device means the player will “write programs” (Using a simplified “language”, like that featured in Nano Phage Zero, but more advanced). Each interaction with the Device will involve inspecting a sort of playfield on a grid, then writing a program to complete the action. Either moving a nanobot, fixing a broken connection, or some other very basic mini game type mechanic.

Programming features can be unlocked as the player Upgrades “The Device” to have more hardware addons, which can be earned through the main story or discovered hidden through the world.


For the guild names, you cannot go past ‘Pythonistas’ as some call themselves.


I kind of like
Python = The Saperas (see here for reference)
Java = The Baristas
C++ = Code Monkies

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You could name them after their creators/founders:
Rossumism, Goslingism and Stroustrupism.


Oh! I like this the best I think! Adds a fun touch of history to the lore :smiley:

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So, I’m trying to decide on a balance between gameplay and world mechanics. So I’m leaning towards the “world” being a mix of small maps, connected by “travel” scenes. so not really a large world. This way the more important aspect of the “programming” device and collecting hardware adons can be emphasized.