[WIP][GAME] Donkey Kong JR Game & Watch Demake

Such an interesting question … In Australia you basically have to prove damages when suing someone - N would have to prove that someone ‘bought’ this free version instead of the licenced version. Of course that is near impossible and the case would never, ever get to court. In different jurisdictions, such as the USA, everything seems possible and who knows what would happen.

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@gibs will the pokitto version control be more like the original? I know i had a hard time on the arduboy version :wink:

On a sidenote gamebuino seems to be dead now

Yes… very sad really.

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What are the differences in the control ?


Just the timing to get the key, i remember you said you added a frame om the Arduboy version and it changed the timing needed to het the key

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Oh that ? I never got your answer on arduboy community.

I was planing to do the same thing.
If you look at the GFX from the GB/GB color, the key is higher than in the original (or DS version).
As you can see there is a big hole between the 2 images.

There is room to place another image. This is what I’ve done.

Here you can see the DS version.

So I think adding a frame is not that bad. In the gamebuino version, the key is switching every 24ms, and when you jump there’s a frame each 12ms.

So you have to push 12ms earlier :smiley:
I can remove the additional frame, it’s not a big job, but then there will be this ‘hole’.

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Little update :slight_smile:


There are some bugs, but the game progress.

Well, I have also worked on NDS gfx conversion to use the full screen. It’s going to be a bit of work but then @Vampirics is going to be happy :slight_smile:


Good job! Small detail but important, on the real thing Kong is in color as he is part of the backdrop and that would also help to see the cage better :wink::stuck_out_tongue:


I know that (I own the real thing). This is a wip, the greens are also inverted. I have used the arduboy gfx (exept for the background).
Thanks for the remark anyway :slight_smile:

The pokitto 220x176 16 colors version should look like this.