[WIP] Driving Game

I’ve just started a new driving game. This is just the first graphics test. Most things are missing, including gameplay. But I think it’s a good start.



MinLib Driving Game.bin (32.5 KB)


Looks great!


Are you using direct mode?

:heart_eyes: I like the graphics

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@HomineLudens: I’m only using MinLib, no “modes” involved. Several basic drawing routines (hlines, sprites 4bpp, scaled sprites 4bpp) have been built from scratch to work on a single line buffer that gets transfered to LCD for every horizontal line (similar function I was using in my “Direct mode tests” but without using assembly). It’s a real pain to work on a single line buffer, but it seems that “no pain, no gain”. It’s worth the free RAM I’m not allocating to a full frame buffer and, what is more important, I’m not tied to a global palette. Every asset/spritesheet has got its own palette… or no palette at all (RGB16).
I’m currently using two 128x128 spritesheets hand-drawn in Pico8, converted to BMP 4bpp and included as-is in static arrays. If you look into the bin, you will find the two ‘BM’ signatures. The spritesheets take 2x8k of the bin, the remaining is code, I suppose.
@Zockeromi: thanks, I drew the graphics myself in Pico8… my son does excellent pixel art, thanks.
I have fixed a bug in the sky rendering and included a placeholder super-car sprite in RGB16 color (press A to switch car) just to make it look better. I also reduced the max view distance and it should be a little smoother now, but fps is something I have to address in the future.

SkyBerron Driving Game.bin (37.6 KB)


Wow, tell ypur son he is a talented guy!


Is that the right bin? It has the same car as the first post.

@FManga: press A to switch car (a quick hack, sorry). Btw, thanks for creating MinLib. Java GC was driving me crazy.


@SkyBerron nice, I was asking myself how you could manage all that color. Thanks for explanation.

I love that someone rolls their own solution.


Good job, this project is off to a promising start @SkyBerron

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So close of having an Outrun game on the Pokitto!! :+1:

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I think @FManga did something similar some time ago: if I remember correctly it was called Aquarium. He was getting an impressive fps count. I got inspiration from it, but I’m still far behind in performance.
I’m switching project, maybe a board game, to give tile maps a try.