[WIP] Doon by Trelemar (please help getting this to run)


Story of Doon

“Doon” is the name of the main character of an unfinished game by @trelemar, a.k.a. Trevor Martin.

Trevor gave up making games, leaving behind Doon. He gave permission to continue his fantastic work.

I have now put all the existing Doon files in a repository, with the hope that we get this to compile and run with our current tools and SD card library

Current status

  • compiles in FemtoIDE, but will crash when trying to load game data from SD




doon.cpp, line 704: allocates a 10-byte buffer then puts a 14-byte string into it.

            char file[10]; // increase to 20?
            sprintf(file, "Doon/map%i.dat", current_level);

On my build of the emulator it crashes even with the fix, though it may be only an issue on my side, I’m not sure if the released version of the emulator has the same problem.

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This is good.
How the music is played ? Is it tracked ?

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Streamed from sd card