[WIP] Doom clone FPS



One thing I would really like to see in a raycast game , especially on the Pokitto, is rotated sprites. Sure it would mean a lot more art, but having the sprites rotatable to match the viewing angle would be out of this world!
Even if the effect was only used for collectable objects or background sprites, enemies would usually be facing you anyway :slight_smile:


If you mean rotating around y-axis that would mean having a lot of sprite bitmaps from different angles. Unless there is something like sprite stacks,
but that would need a lot of bitmaps too (and a lot of cpu cycles).
Edit: Actually, sprite stacks would fit better to isometric games


I was thinking more of just having a sprite sheet for the image from all angles of rotation and selecting the correct frame from the angle of view.


That’s possible and easy to do of course, I’ve even managed to place real 3D objects rendered with my other lib:

The issue is the limited space, so I’d only do it if there is space left at the end.

Things I still don’t have figured out include:

  • name of the game
  • the ultimate weapon and what it should do



Ultimate Weapon: Tiny Pokitto, making monsters love each other and explode for good