[WIP] AstroBob

Here a work in progress parked for too much time.


Classic Space Platform Something… Using great assets from Adam Saltsman here https://adamatomic.itch.io/abandonauts

I’m not planning to develop in near future, but it was asked to post it public. So here the code as it is.
Compiled using FemtoIDE

AstroBob.zip (127.6 KB)

Maps is hardcoded in the source and generated by this Editor I wrote for it:

Here the C# project:
PokTiles.zip (4.6 MB)

I hope to come back on this one day or another.


Looks really cool, I like the text telling what he’s up to lol.


Were these supposed to come with a licence?

:open_mouth: very nice graphics

Suggestion welcome here, would CC0 be good enough?
Assets comes from Adam Saltsman as the link reported and it say:

ANYWAYS these assets are free to use in personal or commercial projects, with or without attribution. PUBLIC DOMAIN, MFers!! Please enjoy them and I hope that they help you out in a jam or something!

So not sure if I can apply CC0 to the whole package.

:grin: that’s was for debug purpose.

Technically yes, CC claim that:

CC0 is suitable for dedicating your copyright and related rights in computer software to the public domain, to the fullest extent possible under law.

Personally speaking I think MIT is better,
but that’s mostly because I think attribution is a good thing,
partly because MIT is more well-recognised,
and partly because CC0 isn’t recognised by the OSI.

Just include a link to that page in some file for the images and let people make of it what they will.

(Technically you can’t just say “this is in the public domain” to make something in the public domain because some countries have weird laws.)

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Still neat, like he’s keeping us informed lol, we need games where the characters are tweeting all the time.


I hope not. Half the fun of playing games is pretending Twitter doesn’t exist. :P

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I like Twitter a lot more than failbook.


I like the Pokitto forum more than both. :P

No silly politicians or supermarkets pretending to be your friends,
no silly 280 character limits, no silly filter bubbles,
no creepy AI analysing your interests and building a psychological profile of you,
just good old fashioned foruming and video games.


Just a 10 character minimum.

Honestly I lie on social media so much, and to pollsters ect I must have a. Crazy profile, I recently told a Democrat pollster that I was a pro slavery democrat lol