[WIP] Anarch -- Doom clone FPS

Thanks very much, going to order it and add support for it in the game.

This should be possible once I add mouse support, will try to do it once I get my joystick.

Yep, will do :slight_smile:

I take a look at it and reimplement it in my repo.

I am currently not accepting merge requests for this game because I want to be the only author of the whole game so that the probability of legal trouble arising from multiple authors is minimized, otherwise I’d merge your changes of course.

I absolutely do encourage forks and modding though so keep hacking it please.


Any progress on this little gem?


Am slowly working on it, I really want to finish this project and show the world. I have all enemies, weapons, textures and most gameplay stuff implemented, also mouse support, ATM I am adding sounds, then I need to finish a few details, create the actual levels and some simple menu system.

About the name I’ve been thinking about dropping my anti-trademark requirements because they really don’t allow for a nice name. Maybe I could simply call it something like Anarch?

I am also going to order the joystick hat but I don’t have enough money on my PayPal ATM, will have to make a bank transfer and wait till they arrive.


Mouse like an external mouse?

Can I offer to gift it for you? I’ll be glad to. Just let @jonne find out how to manage this.

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No, I didn’t mean it to sound like I am asking for money :smile: It’s just an explanation for why I haven’t ordered it yet even though I said I would – I had issues with my bank account because I forgot my password etc. I’m definitely gonna order it in upcoming days.

Yes, but it’s also a support for general analog input so it should work with the joystick hopefully.